OUR Freight Shipping Services


As a leading flatbed trucking company, STAAR Trucking has a complete fleet of fully equipped 48-foot flatbeds and drop deck trailers. With these trucks, we can offer flatbed trucking service throughout the entire continental United States. Each of our flatbed trucks is driven by a proven professional that will protect and transport your load safely.

  • Complete flatbed trucking service including over dimensional, overweight, expedited, and LTL shipments

  • Years of experience in planning and delivering flatbed shipments for customers across the country

  • The necessary equipment for handling any flatbed trucking shipment including 48-foot flatbed trucks, drop deck trailers, and heavy haul trucks for oversized loads

  • Reliable pickup and on time delivery for flatbed shipments and other transportation services

  • Experienced and professional drivers who are ready to handle each shipment with care

  • Knowledgeable office staff who are prepared to work with you to organize and plan your shipments


Our LTL trucking service is an affordable option for transporting small, less than full truckload shipments ranging from a single pallet to half of a truckload or more

By offering direct to destination LTL shipping without transferring products along the way, we are able to eliminate handling claims, saving customers time and money.

LTL trucking with STAAR is a cost-effective and efficient way to transport freight that will not fill up an entire truck load. This allows you to ship a single pallet or half of a truck load where it needs to go

With our LTL trucking services, we provide:

  • LTL shipping using flatbed trailers or dry van trailers

  • Timely shipping services

  • Freight transportation with no minimum shipping requirements

  • Shipping services throughout the continental United States

  • Reduced pricing rates as compared to full truck load shipments

  • Quick access to LTL freight quotes online or by calling our office staff



With our 53-foot air ride dry vans, we can transport a variety of types of freight in either full truckload or LTL truckload shipments.

Dry van shipping is the most common method for transporting freight across interstates. A dry van is a standard trailer that does not need to be temperature-controlled and is designed to carry freight that is loaded on pallets, packed in boxes, or otherwise secured within the trailer. Because of this versatility, dry van trailers are ideal for shipping nearly any type of goods or equipment that fits within certain size and weight limitations.

When you choose STAAR Trucking for your dry van freight shipping service, you will work with our experienced office staff in order to organize and plan your dry van freight shipment



Oversize load shipments are shipments containing freight or other large items, which exceed the maximum size limits that are legally set for specific trailers. In order to transport oversize load shipments we have to obtain special permits prior to transport. Additionally, your shipment may also require a special path or route planning in order to avoid low bridges, narrow passes, or other obstacles.

Because of these special requirements, oversize load shipping can be complex and difficult for many shipping customers to handle. However, at STAAR Trucking, we have both experience in planning and delivering of oversize loads throughout United States

With our oversize load transportation services, we can transport:

  • Oversize freight that is extra wide, long, or tall

  • Overweight or Heavy Haul Shipments

  • Manufacturing Equipment & Machinery

  • Oilfield Equipment & Machinery

  • Mining Equipment & Machinery

  • Construction Equipment & Machinery

  • You name it... we can probably haul it!