When requesting freight rates for any shipment, please have this information available so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

  • Shipping details

  • #of pallets, size of pallets and weight

  • Pick up location

  • Ship to destination

  • Does your shipment require special handling during pick up, loading, transportation, or destination unloading services

  • Frequency of pick up and shipments: a one time quote or ongoing repeat requirements?

  • Any concerns?

  • What questions may you have?

customer service

To receive a freight quote for any freight shipping service, please complete our online freight rate request form below. You can also contact our staff directly at:

  • Freight Rates/STAAR Trucking Office: 814-646-4921

  • General Information - Email: Jim Sage

  • Van Lines - Email: Todd Smith

  • Flatbed Loads - Email: Jamie Lathrop